This is a work in progress. If there are specs you would like to see added please let us know. We are looking for commonly searched for info to add to this site. Thanks! 

Suzuki Samurai Specs
Samurai Trans Oil Capacity & Weight.pdf Samurai Trans Oil Capacity & Weight.pdf
Size : 503.673 Kb
Type : pdf
Samurai Engine Torque Specs.pdf Samurai Engine Torque Specs.pdf
Size : 550.31 Kb
Type : pdf
Samurai Trans Torque Specs.pdf Samurai Trans Torque Specs.pdf
Size : 462.134 Kb
Type : pdf
Samurai T-Case Torque Specs.pdf Samurai T-Case Torque Specs.pdf
Size : 194.729 Kb
Type : pdf
Samurai Differential Torque Specs.pdf Samurai Differential Torque Specs.pdf
Size : 307.281 Kb
Type : pdf
Samurai Steering Torque Specs.pdf Samurai Steering Torque Specs.pdf
Size : 266.509 Kb
Type : pdf
Samurai Brake Torque Specs.pdf Samurai Brake Torque Specs.pdf
Size : 298.208 Kb
Type : pdf
Samurai Suspension Torque Specs.pdf Samurai Suspension Torque Specs.pdf
Size : 337.452 Kb
Type : pdf
Samurai Chassis Dimensions.pdf Samurai Chassis Dimensions.pdf
Size : 341.439 Kb
Type : pdf
Samurai Wiring Diagram USA.pdf Samurai Wiring Diagram USA.pdf
Size : 550.669 Kb
Type : pdf
Tracker & Sidekick Specs
Tracker 5 Speed Trans Diagram.pdf Tracker 5 Speed Trans Diagram.pdf
Size : 504.767 Kb
Type : pdf

Below is a chart for shocks from various vehicles you may want to use with your lifted Tracker-Sidekick